About US


CelestialCosmic SOURCE


Is a practical guidance, wisdom ,directions, teachings and projects from THE SOURCE for creating thriving  individuals, families, communities, nations,humanity, Planet Earth and all its inhabitants.


It gives principals, directions,encouragement,mentorship, know how, tools and support in how to attain resources and other essential things needed to achieve the above SOURCE OBJECTIVE, which is echoing in the hearts of Humanity…  A NEW THRIVING YOU, A NEW THRIVING EARTH, A NEW THRIVING AGE.—LOVE~PEACE~UNITY~RESPECT~ABUNDANCE FOR ALL.

cosmic celestial encounter 1 - Copia (2)

Celestial Tony Christos &  Akasha Cosmic AnneMarie are Source Twin Flames who are dedicated to serving Humanity and Mother Gaia in LOVE and DEVOTION. This is their gift of love and labor of love– an outpouring of all their collective wisdom,research and constant guidance from THE BELOVED SOURCE.DSC_0784


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